Wanberg Media Arts is a production company that creates narrative-driven, documentary style videos

and photography for social media, web and print with a focus on health care and wellness.

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Nils Wanberg of Wanberg Media Arts collaborated with Gary Hurt of Feel Alive to document the  inspiring story of Kristine Tesauro, who, along with her sister, Brianna, decided to start a clothing company called Catch Some Air while Kristine was undergoing treatment for acute lymphocytic leukemia at UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center.

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About Wanberg Media Arts

Lars Wanberg

Nils Wanberg

WMA is led by Lars Wanberg and Nils Wanberg. They combine their talents and experience to create narrative driven, documentary style videos and photography for social media, web and print.


Branding is more than highlighting your organization’s mission and services,

 it’s letting your customers see the importance and dedication of your work

in action. WMA creates short videos that highlight impactful and emotive

stories from within your organization to reveal the philosophical core of your



Healthcare organizations have a deep desire to make their patients

healthy and their community a better place. Health and wellness is often taken

for granted when we’re feeling good. When faced with an illness or disease we

often feel alone and need to rely on others to help us heal. We have experience

telling stories about healthcare with a delicate balance between the reality of

treatment and the path back to health.


Share the purpose of your organization with crafted storytelling and emotional imagery that lets people know who you are, what you do and why you care.

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